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You may hold a future session by selecting the $20 Consult Hold option below. You will be contacted for a complimentary Discovery Call.

Session Options:
30-Minute In-Person or Phone Consultation.

2-hr Restorative Reset & Consult - includes cleansing session, treatment, deep-conditioning, blowdry, and white cape assessment to examine the ends. Trim and/or flat-ironing are optional.

822 Rockville Pike, Suite E
Rockville, MD 20852

Why should you have a consultation?
Consultations are very helpful in regards to starting to get to the bottom of your specific hair challenge. If your length retention has been stagnant and you are unsure why; a consult is a great way to get started. If you've reached a plateau in your regimen, if you are experiencing unexplainable breakage or excessive shedding, this is what you need first.

You will likely be surprised about the little things you may discover about your hair case. We can cover a lot during this session. Many people can often get started right away at home with new recommendations and products for their hair. Then when you're ready to have a full service appointment, you will already have had a head start!

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