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  • Image of Fall 2017 Consultation Day
  • Image of Fall 2017 Consultation Day
  • Image of Fall 2017 Consultation Day
  • Image of Fall 2017 Consultation Day


Consultations will held on Sunday, December 17, 2017

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*We will be holding 30-minute and 90-minute Natural Hair and/or Weave Consultations at the salon on Sunday, December, 17th by appointment only. You will be able to book a future appointment for a service during that time.

*If you have braids or a weave in, you may select a 30-minute consultation.

* The fee for our time for the consultation is $50, or $120 (depending on the consult type) and this is a separate cost from the deposit.

*Consult fees are non-refundable*

More Details About Consultations:

The Basic Consult $50:
For 30 minutes will go over recommendations, your hair needs, and also discuss any underlying issues that could be hindering your growth from within. We will go over weaving/wig options and weave hair options.

The 90-Min Session (Consult & Wet Assessment) $120:
Includes: Shampoo Session, Conditioning, Deep Treatment, Blow-dry, Light Trim (if needed)
We would like to see the state of your hair right before you'd normally do a wash. The goal is to help you with any manipulation challenges that you may be having with your hair. We will perform the detangle/wash/condition for you if you're okay with that.

***EXCESSIVELY TANGLED HAIR/ROOTS: Please keep in mind that if your hair is excessively matted or tangled, we will have to modify the service to take care of the matting so that your hair can be salvaged. This will give you a chance to learn how to keep your hair from getting to such a state again.

We will examine your hair while it is dry first and we'll do any basic detangling. Then your hair will be wet down at the shampoo bowl and the stylist will proceed to do our cleansing and conditioning steps while examining your hair further. A deep treatment will also be applied to your hair. Your hair will be finished in fully-detangled, big twists (or any other basic finishing) so that you may finish with your desired style at home. We will go over tips for you to maintain and retain your natural hair. We will not be finishing with a flat-iron service. Please be sure to have your hair free of braids or cornrows so that you will get the best out of this 90-minute consultation. If your hair is extremely tangled, we will have to modify the service to fit within the time allotted.

* If you wish to secure a future appointment during the time of your consultation, a non-refundable cash or money order deposit will be due that day. Debit/credit cards or electronic transactions are not accepted for deposits. Deposits are always applied to the total cost of the full service. Please note that there is no obligation to book a future appointment.

Please note that consultation fees, deposits, and all payments are NON-REFUNDABLE. To avoid disappointments, please make sure you have read the entire email. If anything at all is unclear about the process or if you have any questions, please email info@reniece.com with questions.

This consultation fee covers the cost of the consultation only. Initial consult fees are not applied to future appointments.

You will be able to:
*Discuss your haircare needs/goals and determine if a protective style regimen with weaving will be right for you.

*Secure your future appointment the same day if you choose to.

*The non-refundable deposit is $80 for Shannon and Shamira and $120 for Reniece and Breon.
*Deposits are deducted from the cost of your future weave appointment.
*Deposits for appointments are ONLY accepted in the form of cash or money order. Credit/Debit cards or electronic transactions are not accepted for deposits.

Thank you for your interest in our services. We look forward to meeting you!

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Rockville, MD 20852

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